Born: 1962, Ovalle, Chile



1995   Graduate of the Bob Borowicz School of Photography, Santiago, Chile.
1999   Degree from the School of Art and Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile.
2004   Studied Classical and Contemporary Philosophy in the humanities department at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Santiago, Chile as well as Theology, Christianity and Psychology at the Instituto Los Dominicos, also in Santiago, Chile.
2002   Scholarship in Professor Verónica Astaburuaga’s Studio at the School of Art and Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
2005   Participated in an Oil Painting Studio at the ‘Escuela de Bellas Artes de Valparaíso’, Valparaiso, Chile.
2007   Participated in a Gouache Painting Workshop with artist Ignacio Salas, Santiago, Chile.
2009   Art appreciation instructor in painter Francisco de la Puente’s and printmaker Andrés Vio’s studios, Santiago, Chile.
2007 / 2011   Printmaking apprentice in Javiera Moreira’s studio. Subsequently artist in residence in the “Puerta Verde” collective printmaking studio, Santiago, Chile.
2011 / 2012   Participates in a silk-screening studio at the ‘Universidad de Chile’, directed by artist Nelson Plaza, Santiago, Chile.
2009 / 2012   Carries out cultural managment projects in Chile and abroad.



1999   First Place in a Photography Competition titled ‘Cómo vemos América Latina’, (How We See Latin America), led by Schering A.G, Berlín, México City, Mexico.
1996   Second Place in a competition and exhibition held at the ‘Colegio Médico’, Santiago, Chile.



2012   Second Semester 2012 – Solo Exhibition at ‘Museo del Limarí’, Limari, Chile.



2012   September / October, Orlando Public Library, Orlando, Florida, USA.
2011 / 2012   Group exhibition ‘Contrapunto’, with Chilean artist Ethel Presser, Sala de la Universidad de Talca, Santiago, Chile.
2011   Group exhibition ‘Kinéticos: El Movimiento Perpetuo’, Galería Artium, Santiago, Chile.
2011   Group exhibition, ‘Taller Puerta Verde’, Galería  Blanc, Santiago, Chile.
2010   Group exhibition of work by Chilean woman artists, ‘Tres Mujeres, Dos Tierras’, Galería Brío, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2010   Group exhibition, Puerta Verde printmaking studio, Santiago, Chile.
2010   Carribean group exhibition, ‘Entregame tu corazón’, Galería Brío, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
1999   Group exhibition of wooden sculpture, School of Art and Architecture of the Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile.
2000   Group painting exhibition, School of Art and Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile.



2010   ‘"El Arte de Prescribir el Original’ (The Art of Prescribing the Original), project oriented towards the clinical research pharmaceutical industry with a specific focus on the association between the uniqueness of research and of art.
2010   ‘Noche con el Arte’ (Night with Art), a multi-media group printmaking exhibition geared towards the scientific world, Santiago, Chile.
2013 / 2014   Multi-cultural group exhibition to be held in Switzerland and in Chile with participation by artists from both countries. It would focus on each nation’s vision of the other. Sponsored by the Swiss Embassy in Chile.



Ms. Yagnam’s work is in the Universidad de Talca’s art collection and in private art collections.



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